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Domaine Katrantzis logo olive oil producer Lesbos Greece

A family of cultivators and producers of extra virgin olive oil from Lesbos, Greece needed a visual identity in order to launch their bottled product in the Greek and Swiss markets.


Our logo reflects the essence of simplicity and the rich heritage of Greece's olive oil tradition. We believe that less is more, and our minimalistic approach captures the purity of the product.



Cylindrical, green glass bottles were chosen to enhance the color of the content.  Labels printed on thin vinyl to avoid stains, designed

to lead customers to appreciate the sophistication and freshness of our product branding. 


Business cards

On the charcoal black side of the card, the minimalistic, white tree logo in the center of the card, showcases the identity at a glance, while on the other side, a subtle light gray blue version of the logo lets the dark font, emphasize the brand name as well as the contact details.


promo gifts

To improve visibility we decided to offer our students practical promotional gifts at the beginning of the school year.


social media

Posts for social media feeds, promoting ateliers and events organized by the school's administration.



A yearly newsletter is designed to be sent out to parents, adult students, local philhellenic associations, the Greek embassy and its consulates in Switzerland etc

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