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This non-profit association, with its logo already designed, needed to create its visual identity that conveyed a sense of reliability in connection to Greece and its culture.


A poster, in A4 format, was chosen as a marketing tool in order to help advertise the school's courses for adults with the option of classes face-to-face and via teleconference platforms


A postcard size flyer with the same concept was created in order to distribute in places where there is target group,


Designed and keep maintaining and updating a presentation website, from a A-Z. Pages both in greek and french, targeting to provide all sorts of information to parents interested for the kids' courses as well as for potential adult students.

Promotional poster for the school.  Courses for adults in the heart of Lausanne, Switzerland
Front side of promotional flyer to advertise courses for adults in the heart of Lausanne, Switzerland
Back side of promotional flyer to advertise adults' courses in the heart of Lasuanne
Laptop screen showing the website
Series of clipart designed for the needs of the school's website

promo gifts

To improve visibility we decided to offer our students practical promotional gifts at the beginning of the school year.

social media


Posts for social media feeds, promoting ateliers and events organized by the school's administration.

A yearly newsletter is designed to be sent out to parents, adult students, local philhellenic associations, the Greek embassy and its consulates in Switzerland etc

promotional gifts for the students
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