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Oh, My!

Colored pencils and markers and textured papers oh, my! 

And scissors and brushes and scotch tape oh, my!

That's my design story...

My fascination by the tools and materials was my early age trigger to get messy with colors and inks.  Over the years, the need to observe, depict and interpret the world around led the way to my becoming a graphic designer.

Allured by the beauty of simple clean lines, the power of color but also the amazing effects of white or negative space have shaped my style. I love to design works that will be printed or uploaded on the web but also to construct by hand tangible projects where you can run your fingers over the textures and feel the material…


That’s the magic that makes the design come alive! 

Running Dog

"Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual".

 — Edward Tufte


logo celebrating the 40th anniversary of the school

Vally L.

Throughout our collaboration Aspassia has demonstrated a wide range of skills in graphics designing, web designing and marketing. Crucially, Aspassia’s creativity, professionalism and team spirit have been instrumental in shepherding these projects. It has been an absolute joy working with Aspassia and I can’t recommend her services enough!

design of handmade Christmas card

Sharon P.

I want to thank you for the unique & beautifully designed Christmas cards you made. I loved the texture, colors and quality of the materials you chose for the cards. I can’t wait to see what you make next year!

Advertising poster for language school

Maria E.

Working with Aspassia will definitely be a decision that will reward you on all levels! 

Flawless professionalism, taste and imagination, reliability and wonderful cooperation, excellent quality result! 

Do not have any reservations, contact Aspassia immediately for a  creative promotion of your products!

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